June 26, 2019

Piret Kuusik in the ERR: The Decision of the PACE is an Alarm Clock for the Loss of European Unity

Piret Kuusik, junior researcher at the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute/ICDS, explained on June 26th in the Estonian Public Broadcasting News Portal that the Russian Federation could expect European Union countries that supported the reinstatement of Russia’s voting rights to maintain a certain continuity in the EU, for example in sanctions policies towards Russia.

Kuusik estimates that the reinstatement of Russia’s voting rights in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) is an alarm clock that forces Europe to work harder for unity. According to Kuusik, it has a major role in creating a coherent policy for the European Commission.

Kuusik was interviewed by Aleksander Krjukov. View the full “Direct from the Newsroom” programme in Estonian at https://www.err.ee/955808/piret-ukokik-enpa-otsus-on-aratuskell-euroopa-uhtsuse-kadumisest

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