June 18, 2019

Frank Jüris on Vikerraadio: Both Chinese Authorities and Hong Kong Opposition Are Interested in Changing the Status Quo

“[Hong Kong’s] pro-democracy opposition camp aspires to defend and expand their political rights. China is definitely not interested in the fact that, after 30 years, China will be bowing to a strong civil society in Hong Kong with strong democratic institutions,” commented Frank Jüris, a Junior Research Fellow at the Estonian Institute for Foreign Policy/ICDS, about the recent mass demonstrations in Hong Kong on June 18th at Vikerraadio/Estonian Public Broadcasting.

Jüris noted that the international community has a moral obligation to criticize human rights violations in China, despite the change in Hong Kong’s special status. “We cannot say that it doesn’t concern us and we are immune to it,” the research fellow said.

Listen to Mirko Ojakivi’s interview with Jüris in the “News+ ” programme in Estonian (from 00:36:10) at https://vikerraadio.err.ee/949064/uudis-mirko-ojakivi/958510

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