June 9, 2019

Frank Jüris on Kuku Raadio: China is Afraid of Organised Civil Initiatives

“The Tiananmen Square protests in some sense showed the extremely good organisational abilities of students or other protesters, expressed in keeping hunger strikes, keeping order,” noted Frank Jüris, a Junior Research Fellow at the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute/ICDS, about the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre in the foreign policy programme on Kuku raadio.

Jüris noted that, contrary to the rhetoric of the Communist Party of China, 30 years ago, the students themselves kept Tiananmen Square clean and adhered to strict discipline, assisting each other.

According to Jüris, the Chinese authorities have learned from mass protests and color revolutions, and there are no non-governmental organisations in China as we understand them in the West. “China is afraid of organised civil initiatives, which in some sense raises the issue of legitimacy in the country,” he said.

Listen to the programme in Estonian with Frank Jüris, Urmas Hõbepapp, a Junior Researcher at the University of Tartu, and presenter Hannes Hanso at http://podcast.kuku.postimees.ee/podcast/valismaaraja-2019-06-09/

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