June 3, 2019

Frank Jüris on Vikerraadio: We Should Not Change Under Chinese Pressure

“As China’s economic relations have become increasingly close to Western countries as a result of globalization, China also has a greater influence on our economies,” said Frank Jüris, Junior Research Fellow at the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute/ICDS on the “Foreign relations hour. Trade wars and Estonia” programme at Vikerraadio/Estonian Public Broadcasting.

“This is a real threat. China has begun to dictate not only the economic debate, but also political, as certain issues – Dalai Lama, Falun Gong, Taiwan – became taboo, and the leaders of the European Union or Western countries are no longer willing to put China’s human rights violations on the table in fear of jeopardizing their trade relations and losing investments. This is a much more dangerous situation, because now we are starting to obey the political discourse of China in some sense. It breaks our unity and breaks our collective pressure on China,” Jüris said.

The host, Indrek Kiisler, examined whether the world was on the verge of trade wars or whether they had long been running; what the result of the US-China customs war has been; how a fragmented Europe and a small Estonia can survive in an increasingly fierce confrontation and whether our exports are in danger.

In addition to Jüris, these questions were answered by Heido Vitsur, Economic Advisor to the President of Estonia and Hardo Pajula, a columnist.

Listen to the full programme in Estonian on June 3rd at https://vikerraadio.err.ee/943610/valistund-kaubandussojad-ja-eesti

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