April 23, 2019

Exploring New Coalitions in the EU-27: Poland and Nordic-Baltic Cooperation

ECFR Warsaw Office organized a seminar in cooperation with the Estonian Embassy in Poland and the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute of the International Centre for Defense and Security on 17 April in Warsaw.

The seminar featured presentation of two reports, The Nordic-Baltic Region in the EU 27 Time for New Strategic Cooperation by Piret Kuusik and Kristi Raik of EFPI/ICDS, and ECFR’s EU Coaliton Explorer, by Josef Janning of ECFR. The EFPI/ICDS report makes a case for increased cooperation in the Nordic-Baltic Region in response for Europe’s security, political and economic challenges. The ECFR Coalition Explorer offers a powerful tool for assessment of coalition potentials between European countries. This material provided a starting point for a subsequent round-table discussion with Polish policy-makers and experts, as well as diplomats from Nordic and Baltic states. The discussions highlighted a significant cooperation potential in issues concerning regional security, such as EU policy towards Russia, energy policy and defence cooperation.


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