March 10, 2022

ASEAN Ambassadors in Helsinki visited the ICDS

On 10 March 2022, the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute (EFPI) at the ICDS was pleased to host ASEAN Ambassadors from the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, the Republic of Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Kingdom of Thailand.

Discussion was mostly focused on the ongoing Russian war against Ukraine. Director of the EFPI Dr Kristi Raik, Senior Fellow James Sherr and Research Fellow Frank Jüris discussed the security threats to the whole of Europe caused by Russia’s invasion of a European sovereign state. They stressed the need for the West to coordinate its support to Ukraine as closely and quickly as possible and the need for Europe to reassess its deterrence policy, not only militarily, but also to increase energy independence from Russia. Estonia is a strong supporter of Ukraine based on its strategic interests, values, and fundamental principles, including the right of any European country to choose its own destiny.

The visiting Ambassadors also discussed Estonia’s security policy, Russian and Chinese perspectives on the war in Ukraine, and the prospects for the future European security order with the EFPI fellows.


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