March 17, 2022

We Stand with Ukraine

Ukraine needs our help to defend itself. You can donate, volunteer for NGOs, or host war refugees. EFPI at the ICDS will be helping to understand the events, make sense of developments, and reflect on what might and should happen next.

In the early morning of February 24th, as Estonia celebrated the 104th anniversary of its independence, the Kremlin launched a major war in Europe. After months of massive military build-up on Ukraine’s borders and in defiance of international law and norms, Russian forces entered Ukraine at multiple locations. The EFPI condemns Russia’s attack in the strongest possible terms. We are determined to help Ukraine to the greatest extent possible, for as long as it is necessary.

The situation is fast moving and unpredictable. It is, however, already clear that Moscow underestimated Ukraine’s defences and failed to meet its initial objectives. The war may last a long time, and the aftermath longer still. Meanwhile, Ukraine and its people are fighting for their sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, and democratic values—in short, for their survival.

Moscow also underestimated the reaction of the rest of the world. As one, countries have mobilised to help Ukraine. They have imposed massive sanctions, supplied weapons, and welcomed refugees. You can join this monumental effort through the NGOs which support Ukraine.

In Estonia you can offer to volunteer with, or donate to:

  • Portal For Ukraine! aggregates full information about the support opportunities to Ukraine available through the Estonian Refugee CouncilNGO Mondo and the Ukrainian Cultural Center. All organisations use donations according to what is needed most at the moment.
  • Click here to see all possibilities to donate, support financially, provide other necessary assistance or volunteer in Estonia.

You can also donate directly to:



ICDS has worked to support Ukraine’s security and democratic transformation for many years. We are proud and honoured to have made many friends in this great country, and to have helped them build and strengthen their nation through the Resilient Ukraine programme.

We have also published a number of studies that helped to explain the challenges facing Ukraine as well as the needs of its institutions, society, and most vulnerable regions:

We also offered studies helping to understand Russian and Belarusian strategy, concepts, structures, capabilities, and readiness:

We also publish regularly commentaries on the topics of this war.



In the coming weeks and months, ICDS will dedicate most of our time and energy to monitoring, analysing, and sharing our insights about this war and its broader implications. Follow our social media and this website for our reactions and commentary, and for our publications. Our experts will help you to understand the war’s evolution, to make sense of particular developments, and to appreciate the implications for national, regional, European, transatlantic, and global security. They will also work hard to make recommendations for what can be done to help Ukraine now and after the war, and how to defeat Russia.

Kristi Raikdirector of the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute at the ICDS
Areas of expertise: Estonia’s foreign, security and EU policy; Europe in the changing global order; EU foreign and security policy; EU-Russia relations; Eastern Partnership; Finland’s foreign and security policy
Languages: English, Finnish, Estonian

James Sherr OBEsenior fellow of the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute at the ICDS
Areas of expertise: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and European security
Languages: English, Russian, French

Sanshiro Hosaka, research fellow of the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute at the ICDS
Areas of expertise: Soviet/Russian propaganda and covert actions; Western academia and agents of influence; Soviet/Russian intelligence; historical memory of Ukrainians
Languages: Japanese, English, Russian

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This war has already changed Europe in ways that could not be imagined just a few days ago. Today, Ukraine is defending Europe. We will stand with Ukraine until the Kremlin is stopped and held to account.

Слава Україні! Героям слава!

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