August 28, 2019

Piret Kuusik on Kuku Raadio: The Policy of Sanctions Towards Russia Is Not Immediately Pushed Aside

“Changing the direction of French or European policy towards Russia does not mean that the old policy [of sanctions] is immediately pushed aside,” commented Piret Kuusik, junior fellow at EFPI of ICDS at Kuku Raadio Morning Programme on 28 August.

Kuusik noted that the larger strategy of EU-Russia relations is unclear and common discussion at the European level is needed. What is the aim of the sanctions? What will happen in case there is progress with the Minsk process? What will be EU’s policy then?

In today’s international affairs, the continuation of global rules-based order is of primary importance to Estonia. We are at the crossroads between the two worlds: a world where solely power determines the outcome or where mutually agreed rules guide our daily interaction with other states.

Listen to the segment in Estonian on Kuku Raadio.

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