April 29, 2019

Piret Kuusik for TEPSA: “Changing Party Dynamics in Europe and Estonia: Bringing Europe Into the Electoral Competition”

“The changing European political party landscape requires mainstream parties to rethink their identity and agenda from the left-right divide into a broader set of identifiers,” following Estonia’s general election in March this year, Piret Kuusik analysed the changing party dynamics in Estonia and Europe for the monthly TEPSA Brief.

Using Estonia as a case study, she argues that integration of EU politics and developments into mainstream political parties’ character would provide a more balanced and informed debate about the EU, currently dominated by Eurosceptic parties.

Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA) publishes a monthly brief on current themes and developments in Europe. The brief can be read at http://www.tepsa.eu/tepsa-brief-changing-party-dynamics-in-europe-and-estonia-bringing-europe-into-the-electoral-competition-piret-kuusik/

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