July 5, 2021

“Germany’s Dangerous Idealism vis-à-vis Russia” by Kristi Raik in Internationale Politik

The German journal Internationale Politik, Germany’s magazine for global thinking, published an article “New World Order: Germany’s Dangerous Idealism vis-à-vis Russia” by Kristi Raik, the director of Estonian Foreign Policy Institute at the ICDS.

Kristi Raik advises in the article that Germany should reconsider its understanding of the interaction between economic ties and security in its Ostpolitik. She brings out the perspective of Ukraine and other Central and Eastern European states which tend to be overlooked, for example regarding Nord Stream 2.

“Germany seems to have an almost doctrinal belief in the value of nurturing dialogue with Russia, often without having a clear idea of what it wants to talk about or what to achieve by talking. Dialogue as well as continuous assurances about its importance belong to the rituals of the relationship that no German politician dares to bring into question,” writes Raik. Despite the critical tone she brings out that Germany has made an indispensable contribution to European stability and the EU’s critical response to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine since 2014.

The article was published in two languages, in German in Internationale Politik and the English version in Internationale Politik Quarterly. Both IPQ and IP are published by the German Council on Foreign Relations.

Read the article: https://ip-quarterly.com/en/new-world-order-germanys-dangerous-idealism-vis-vis-russia

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