August 6, 2019

Frank Jüris on Kuku Radio: China Has Found Ways How To Evade the US Posed Tariffs

“China has found ways how to evade the US posed tariffs. One example of it is using the method of transhipment, where Chinese produced goods are first imported to South East Asian countries, where they are given the final touch before reaching the destination market in the US,” Frank Jüris, junior research fellow of the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute at ICDS commented the US-China trade war on Kuku radio.

Jüris also talked about the ongoing protests in Hongkong. “It is not likely that China will send PLA troops to supress the protest in Hongkong, because the consequences would be too severe and will lead to a worldwide public condemnation,” he said.

According to Jüris, the Hongkong people are not pleased that China does not value the agreement signed with UK for the returning of Hongkong and is trying to make everything possible to control the well-organized and growing civil society.

Jüris: “One example of this is the proposed extradition law, which could have legalised Chinese practise of kidnapping opposition leaders. Currently ethnic Chinese Hongkong publisher of critical literature towards Chinese state, Gui Minhai, is still kept captive in China, even though he is a Swedish citizen. Gui Minhai’s case is a good example of deteriorating situation of freedom of speech in Hongkong and Chinese state’s willingness disregard international law even when dealing with foreign nationals.”

Listen to the full commentary in Estonian broadcasted on 6 August on the Kuku radio.

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