April 26, 2018

Book Chapter: “Where Does Russia End and the West Start?” by Anna Tiido

Our non-resident fellow, Anna Tiido, wrote a chapter in “The ‘Clash of Civilizations’ 25 Years On: A Multidisciplinary Appraisal”, published by E-IR.

Edited by Davide Orsi, the collection of essays examines the notion “clash of civilizations”, coined by Samuel P. Huntington 25 years ago, from a multidisciplinary perspective.

In her chapter “Where Does Russia End and the West Start?”, Anna writes about the clash of civilizations between Estonia and Russia, but also within the Estonian society, where a large minority of Russian speakers reside.

“In a way, Russians outside Russia become ‘more Catholic than the Pope’, because they see the reality of their countries of residence and compare it with the virtual reality created by the

Russian state media. We could see that the ‘clash of civilizations’ is happening both between the states of Estonia and Russia, and at the same time in the minds of the Estonian population, as the Russian minority is influenced by the Orthodox civilization.”

The book is available to download: http://www.e-ir.info/publication/the-clash-of-civilizations-25-years-on-a-multidisciplinary-appraisal/#.WuHCDeVzIKI.facebook

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