Ivan U. K. Klyszcz

Research Fellow of the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute at the ICDS

Ivan U. K. Klyszcz joined the EFPI in September 2022. Klyszcz is a Polish-Mexican doctoral candidate at the University of Tartu, Estonia. He holds an IM from the University of Glasgow and an MA from his current institution, and has additional studies in Moscow and Mexico City. At Tartu, he has submitted for review a doctoral thesis exploring the effects of violent conflict on sub-state international relations with cases from the North Caucasus Russian federal subjects. Other research interests of his are Russian foreign policy and territorial autonomy in Eurasia.

He has presented his research at major international conferences including EISA, ECPR and BISA. His research has been published by peer-reviewed journals such as Nationalities Papers and Problems of Post-Communism. In addition, he has also offered expert commentary on Russia’s foreign policy to news media including the BBC World Service, France 24 and RFE/RL. He is a frequent contributor to Riddle Russia.

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